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Training abroad

The UITM Careers Service is a place you can come to for information and free brochures concerning opportunities for training abroad.


The Careers Service  cooperates with many companies which offer a wide range of training and work possibilities abroad. Within the frameworks of European programmes, the Careers Service conducts training and foreign exchange projects addressed to UITM students and graduates. Students and graduates who take part in those projects gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to become acquainted with the European working environment.


Such training allows to:

get to know foreign culture and way of working;
improve your linguistic abilities;
increase chances for work in world markets;
develop professional contact network and career history;
confirm / test whether the field of study was chosen suitably;
develop professional abilities and gain self-confidence;
increase chances for a good job in Poland.



Training abroad within the framework of the Erasmus Programme


The Erasmus Programme was born in 1987 as a wide-scale European student exchange programme. Although its range and aims have broadened with years, the main idea remains the same: to develop international cooperation between universities. The name Erasmus is not without a connection to the name of the Dutch philosopher, theologian and humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536) – and that is not without reason. Erasmus, like other outstanding Renaissance people, was educated in many academic centres in various European countries, and his views on education were marked by deep humanism.

To apply for a training within the Erasmus Programme, you need to:
be the student of a university which has the Erasmus University Charter and conducts student exchange,
be registered at studies leading to a degree/title (Bachelor, Engineer, Master or Ph. D.);
have the first year of first-cycle studies (Bachelor’s, Engineer’s) completed;
be a citizen of a country which is an Erasmus participant (or have refugee status or permanent resident card in an Erasmus-participating country).

Within the Erasmus programme, students may go for their training to a foreign institution, e.g. a company, scientific research unit, non-profit organisation or another institution (museum, library, hospital, etc.).


The training should be connected to the studied field. In some cases it will be an integral part of the study programme (compulsory training), in others it will offer a chance to gain additional competences and abilities (non-compulsory training).

Details available in the Careers Service office (rooms 45 and 46).

In the academic year 2007/2008, the following 6 people have been qualified for training abroad:
1. Elżbieta Hospod (Spain)
2. Damian Pieniążek (Germany)
3. Joanna Rozner (Germany)
4. Katarzyna Szczepanik (Italy)
5. Joanna Śmigla (Italy)
6. Katarzyna Warchoł (Italy)

Katarzyna Szczepanik, Joanna Śmigla, Katarzyna Warchoł in their favourite Italian café  



 Katarzyna Warchoł, Joanna Śmigla and Katarzyna Szczepanik went to the lake after work



 Katarzyna Szczepanik during a radio broadcast



Joanna Rozner at her working station