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Vocational training

The following units are responsible for organising vocational training for students of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów:

UITM Careers Service – for students of Administration, Internal Security, Economics, European Studies, Computer Science, Information Technology and Econometrics, Journalism, Media and Communication, Political Science, international students,

Chair of Tourism and Recreation – for students of Tourism and Recreation,

Chair of Public Health – for students of Public Health,

Chair of Emergency Medical Care – for students of Emergency Medical Care.

Full-time and part-time students from the group subject to the UITM Careers Service who have commenced studies on 1.10.2007 or later are obligated to undergo 120 hours of student vocational training according to their respective field of study (except Journalism, Media and Communication students - 240 hours, and Computer Science students - 160 hours).

Students of all fields of study from the group subject to the UITM Careers Service who have commenced studies before 1.10 2007 are obligated to undergo 240 hours of student vocational training. This provision concerns only full-time students.

Referral to training – download file
Application to the Dean for acknowledgement of the training – download file

Dates you should remember:

01 – 30 April
- Registering for training offered by the UITM Careers Service.
01 – 30 May
- Training referrals are handed in in the UITM Careers Service by students who were not admitted for training in work centres cooperating with the University and are obligated to find a place for undergoing training on their own.
01 – 15 June
- Students collect agreements signed by the University together with the referral and training program.
15 – 30 June
- Students return the agreements (one copy), duly filled in and signed by the Work Centre.
01 – 15 October
- Students return their training log books to the UITM Careers Service.