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How to write a good cover letter

How to write a good cover letter
The letter should sum up your achievements, present your skills and personal qualities, and indicate how the company will benefit from employing you, and as a result – make a good first impression and awake interest of the recruiting person, so that they take a good look at the attached CV and consider you as a candidate.
Some employers expect handwritten cover letters, yet if it is not clearly stated, type it to ensure it is legible, transparent and neat. Remember to sign the letter and address it to a person rather than a department (e.g. to the president, head of recruitment, or the person named in the job advertisement).

Put the date and place in the top right corner. A line lower and to the left, write your personal details: full name, address and phone number. To the right put the company’s name and address – you may put it in larger and slightly bolder print.

It contains the actual name of the post we are applying for, and information on where you found the recruitment announcement: reference number (if given), title of the paper, date on which the announcement was published.

Main body
In your letter, the employer will seek information on the following issues:
- your motivation for seeking the job – e.g. whether it is for further professional development;
- future plans, in particular concerning your career;
- your skills and abilities – the letter should confirm that your qualifications, skills and predispositions correspond to the employer’s requirements.

When reading cover letters and CVs, the employer will mainly consider:
- your specific professional successes,
- benefits to the company resulting from employing you,
- your activity concerning professional training and development,
- your ability to work in a team.
Particular attention is paid to gaps in the CV, work continuity, the amount of documented facts.
Of course, the CV and cover letter must contain only information that is true.
The final documents should be reader-friendly, neat and legible, and show all facts important from the perspective of relevance to the job you are applying for.