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Job Interview

If the company you applied to invites you to an interview, it means that our qualifications meet the requirements. The interview verifies the information given in your CV and allows you to present yourself more extensively.
Your success in the interview depends also on your preparation.

If possible, learn more about the company. You may later use the knowledge in the interview as you:

- inform the interviewer about your experience and knowledge which fit within the areas of the company’s activity,
- show real interest in the job you are applying for,
- ask relevant questions about the job.

Think of the answers to typical questions:
- What are you qualifications and skills?
- What have you done so far?
- How well was your work done?
- Why did you leave your former jobs?
- What kind of work would you like to do?

Also, prepare answers to the troublesome question about your weaknesses.

Think what questions you might ask, e.g.:
- What will my duties/responsibilities be?
- What does the training and development programme for employees look like?
- What possibilities of professional development do you offer?
- What is the employee benefit package for employees?
- How do you assess and promote employees?
- What is the atmosphere of work at the company?
- What does the employer expect of a new employee?

Prepare the necessary documents to take with you, concerning previous employment, school and training certificates, copy of your CV.

Make sure you look smart: dress neatly, remember to have a neat, nice hair-do. You might take a notebook and an elegant pen, and maybe some other little things which may be useful. Your neat appearance shows your respect for the person you are talking to, shows your personality, and sometimes may be a necessary element of the job you are applying for.
In the interview try not to show being nervous, embarrassed, insecure, lost, unconfident, or indecisive.

Things to remember:
- think positive,
- emphasise your strengths,
- do not talk too much,
- listen carefully to your interlocutor,
- always behave properly,
- control your gestures, facial expressions, the way you speak,
- never badmouth any of your previous employers.