How to prepare for a job interview?

Have you received an invitation to an interview? At this moment, almost everything depends on you and how you prepare for it. Good preparation for the interview is the easiest way to get a job. Being prepared, you will know what to expect, and you will answer the questions without hesitation. Here are the most important tips:

1) Company details
Visit the website of the company you are applying to. See what is the firm business activity, what products it has and how many employees it employs. Go to company LinkedIn and other social media profiles and check what has happened within it recently.

2) Offer you applied for
Before the interview, carefully read the offer of a given company, check what competencies the employer is looking for, and then develop examples from your own experience regarding the desired competencies. During the interview, you may hear competency-based questions such as:

  • describe us how you managed to solve the conflict in your team,
  • give an example of when you managed to solve the problem in an unconventional way,
  • state your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Appearance
Take care of the right appearance. Dress neatly. Avoid elements of sports outfit, e.g. sneakers,  t-shirts, tracksuits.

4) CV check
Remember that good preparation for a job interview means knowing your CV. Prepare yourself for an in-depth analysis of what you’ve been responsible for in previous jobs. Don’t lie and answer honestly.

5) A copy of CV
Take 1 or 2 copies of your CV with you.

6) Place of the interview
Check the place of the interview. Plan your arrival to be there 5 – 10 minutes before the interview time.

7) Information about the recruiter
Remember the name and surname of the person you have a meeting with.

Now you are ready for the interview. UITM Careers Service keep fingers crossed for you.

Remember, if you have any doubts or troubles about interview, CV or Cover Letter preparation, you may also contact UITM Careers Service and ask for a help of our Career Counselor. Contact is available in the section About us.