Pandemic and its positive impact on Millennials professional life

The appearance of the coronavirus turned out to be an impulse for change. The latest edition of the Deloitte survey “Global Millennial Survey 2020” shows that young people want to be the source of it. Almost 3 in 4 of the Y and Z generations say that the crisis has inspired them to exert a positive influence on local communities.

Young people see the crisis as an opportunity to “reset”. According to Deloitte survey about 76 percent of Millennials and almost the same number of Generation Z representatives around the world declare that the pandemic has inspired them to change their lives for the better. Almost three-quarters of Millennials and 68 percent of Generation Z responded by taking steps to have a positive impact on the local community.

A postive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic that was pointed by the Millennials is also a home-office. About two-thirds said that working from home enables a better work/life balance.

Another important fact is that due to the increase of spare time, majority of people consider Covid-19 pandemic as a perfect moment for self-development acitvities. Taking proper action might be later used in job searching and led to finding more satisfying job position. It is also a point that affects Millennials positively.

To sum it up, the pandemic is mostly associated with the negatives, however as the Deloitte study shows, it should not be as it brings also many positives. Young generations that responded the surveys are a great example for many people that do not find this time suitable to take an advantage from it. If you did not think about taking care of your skills, hobbies or other things that will make your life better, do it know. It is the best possible time.