Job searching during Covid-19 pandemic

Job searching is process similarly to labour market is changing very dynamic. Currently it mainly goes through online platforms, website and social media. However, searching is not all. Preparation of CV and Cover Letter are also essential. So, how to be remebered and invited by the recuriter who deals with hundreds of applications and ?

First of all, analyze the list of your friends that may help you. According to Career Pivot, referrals have a 50% chance of getting an interview. Only 7% of the applicants are considered as referrals, but Jobvite reports that 40% of new hired workers were found in such a way.

Job positions that attracts many candidates are usually good offers. To be chosen as the one from many other candidates there is a need of showing something extra. For example, it is highly recommend that you have created a 60 Second Sell. It is very similar to an elevator pitch. By selecting your few top selling points, telling about them, and presenting a verbal business card is a way of convincing the recruiter to hire you. The 60 Second Sell is also very effective at the end of an interview. 

Before being interviewed take care of your social media profiles. Many of recruiters check who are the candidates by using social media. They might even ask question on its basis, so checking what is inside your Facebook or Instagram account will not be a wrong decision. It is also good to create a LinkedIn account. This platform is dedicated to professionals and sometimes you may even receive a job offer thanks to this.

Another crucial thing is the appearance of your applications documents. First of all, it should be updated. Take care of the details, and pay attention to the proper graphical presenation. Do not use not typical fonts, colours and informal photos. To be sure that your CV is well-prepared, you can ask for help us. Write and email to Careers Service staff and consult it.